So You Want To Become An ISO 9001 Consultant?

Since its inception in 1987, ISO 9001 has become the number one quality management system on the planet.

In addition, over the last thirty years or so, it has been utilised by many organisations around the world to deliver best in class customer satisfaction via top quality services and products.

The key to the success of this standard is its versatile application across many types and sizes of businesses.

Larger organisations often develop the resources to create ISO 9001 management systems in house and then arrange third party accreditation via a certification body.

Medium and smaller organisations quite often utilise a specialist ISO 9001 consultancy to help them interpret the requirements of the ISO 9001 quality standard and integrate them into their management systems.

What ISO Consultancy Skills Will You Need?

Like any other career professional, a set of relevant skills and aptitudes are required for this role.

Consultants are responsible for picking up on all the important bits of detail required for a successful project implementation that client personnel might miss or not realise are important. So good consultants must be able to identify and process important details.

Thorough knowledge of the ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems standard is paramount. They must be able to use their detailed knowledge to configure and integrate a new quality system for an organisation that integrates seamlessly with existing working practices.

Excellent ability to organise people, control ISO 9001 costs and manage processes are required and be capable of managing several different facets of a system at the same time, particularly when involved in more complex organisations.

Good problem solving skills are vital too. Giving good advice and solving simple, difficult or unusual problems is an expectation that all clients have of the consultants they employ. Level headedness and good research capabilities in conjunction with excellent preparation and planning skills are a prerequisite.

Thoughtful, accurate, timely and specific communications are the hallmarks of a good consultant too. Everyone involved in a new implementation needs to know what their exact responsibilities are and when they should be implementing and delivering their agreed actions.

Finally, a good consultant needs to be an effective leader bridging the gap between senior management and employees.

What & Qualifications & Training Are Needed To Become and ISO 9001 Consultant

No formal qualifications are required to become an ISO consultant but you do need to have relevant business experience and lead auditor certification. As long as you can create and implement an ISO 9001 quality management system that is successfully audited and accredited by an external certification body you can be a very successful ISO 9001 consultant.

Ideally, you will have acquired relevant experience in quality management, working as a certification auditor or perhaps another consultant in a junior role “learning the ropes”.

The Top 3 Benefits You Can Get From Leadership Training

If we have been working in a company, I’m pretty sure you have already heard about the different leadership training conducted by the company for the upper management. It is essential for the development of the leaders. Here are the top benefits that can be acquired through the development of a leadership code and appropriate leadership training.

  1. Increase Productivity

A good boss should be someone who can consistently improve the productivity of their people. As the person that employees look up to, it is essential that you know the different methods on how to keep the people motivated. The various techniques in motivating employees can be acquired from leadership training.

  1. Employee Retention

It is a fact that you will hear in so many companies. Most people do not quit their jobs because of the workload. Employees leave because they can’t take the kind of management their boss provide. Based on experience, I had a boss who had given me tons of work for the last four years. I have exceeded the productivity rate mandated by the metrics, and it is because of the support is given by my superior. When we had to undergo a reshuffle, I ended up with a different superior which made me quit. Check this out.

  1. Developing future leaders

A leader must be someone who can see the talent and determination when it is in front of them. Leadership training is there to ensure that the superiors will be there to nurture their people to make them ready for bigger responsibilities. It is not easy to do because you need the right technique and motivation to get the most out your employee’s potential. You also need to provide car parking machine training in your head office or wherever your employees are located. And leaders also need to ensure that they are experts in paediatric first aid training in Blackpool in case of any calamity that may arise in the workplace.

It is easy to be a boss and just order people around. The hard part is to achieve being a leader that can bring out the best out of every employee!

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